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LED Landscape Lighting Myrtle Beach

Outdoor landscape lighting enhances the beauty of your home or property and allows you to enjoy your lawn and garden into the night. Adequate outdoor lighting also provides safety and security for your family, friends, and neighbors. With a wide selection of landscape lighting products to choose from, it’s easy to match your home’s style and enhance your outdoor experience. LED lights to complement any garden, exterior, or architectural feature are available at Coastal Lighting and Irrigation, and our team is ready to design and install a lighting system that will allow you to enjoy your space long after the sun sets. With so many options to explore and customer service that is second to none, Coastal Lighting and Irrigation makes it easy to bring your ideas to life.

Landscape Lighting Myrtle Beach
Myrtle Beach Landscape Lighting

Why Invest in Landscape Lighting

It adds beauty and value to your home. Landscape lighting can not only create a dramatic play of light and shadow, it can illuminate a favorite feature or light up a garden path. With the addition of outdoor lights, a lawn, patio, or deck becomes a nighttime oasis or family gathering place. LED landscape lighting can highlight your favorite architectural detail or bit of foliage. It allows you to use your yard well after sunset, adding hours of enjoyment to the day. Best of all, with so many styles and fixtures available, it’s easy to choose lighting that’s aesthetically pleasing and increases your home’s value.

Landscape lighting increases the safety of your home after dark. Lighting is one of the best ways to help protect your home and ensure its security. Not only will landscape lights discourage intruders, but they can also illuminate hazards on the pathway, steps, or ground, preventing accidents or injury. The professionals at Coastal Irrigation and Lighting are trained to assess your landscape and suggest the products that will best suit your needs.

Our products and fixtures are of the highest quality available. Coastal Irrigation and Lighting uses only the best and most durable lighting for every project. We offer a great selection of popular and timeless designs that we will integrate into your outdoor spaces to add light and color to your landscape. If it’s time to take your landscape lighting to the next level, call or email Coastal Irrigation and Lighting, and we will help find the lights that are right for you and your space.

Why Choose LED?

LED stands for light-emitting diode, which means it emits light when activated. This means the light source is part of the fixture–there’s no need for a separate bulb… and replacing the bulb when it burns out.

LED lighting has other advantages, like:


When thinking about outdoor lighting, it’s important to remember that it will be exposed to the elements. LED lights don’t use a bulb, so there’s no direct contact between the light source and moisture. This way, these products last a long time–much longer, especially in our rainy coastal climate–than lights with bulbs. They are safe and sturdy. And there are no bulbs you need to replace. After your LED landscape is set up, there’s very little maintenance.


LED landscape lighting is built to last, but you will get your money’s worth in other ways. Since these lights use much less electricity than conventional outdoor lighting, they save you on your bill. Investing in these energy efficient fixtures will benefit not only your landscape, but your bank account. Energy consumption is important to take into consideration when you shop for lighting, and LED lights keep that consumption low.


There’s no end to the different styles of LED lights available. From traditional to contemporary, there’s a lighting product to suit your home and landscape. In addition to lighting fixtures to match any look, you can shop for LED lights with different brightness–get warm, white, bright, or low and subtle lighting. The options are almost endless, and the experienced professionals at Coastal are ready to help with ideas for your lighting project.

Landscape Lighting Myrtle Beach
Landscape Lighting Myrtle Beach

Types of Landscape Lighting

What is the best outdoor lighting for your home? There are lots of options, depending on what you need and want from your lighting. You’ll want to consider function, style, and placement when you shop for landscapes lights, but no matter what you have in mind, Coastal can make your dreams come true and keep you and your family enjoying your outdoor spaces long after the sun goes down.

Flood lights

Flood lights illuminate large areas of your space and are one of the best choices for security and visibility. These landscape lighting systems provide wide swaths of light for outdoor activities at night. They are available in warm, white, and even color-changing options.


The main purpose of a spotlight is to highlight features like trees, foliage, or a wall. These lights are generally easy to install and come in warm, white, and colored. Consider spotlights to add drama to your landscape.

Path Lighting

This popular product is used to line a path or walkway. It adds beauty while making it safe to walk through your yard. With almost limitless design, these lights can create any style you want for your garden path. Add path lights anywhere you need to help define a pathway, bridge, trail, flowerbed, or wall. With path lights, many of which sit atop a stake in the ground, the possibilities are almost limitless. You can get these fixtures in almost any color and design!

Well Lights

This type of low-profile landscape lighting is set into the ground and is something to consider if you want soft and unobtrusive lighting for your space. Place them in the yard, along planting beds, or anywhere you have a need for subtle light. Because they don’t use a separate bulb, led well lights are the best for the type of wet ground in Coastal Carolina.

Overall Design

Many homeowners find that the best lighting effect is achieved through a combination of items: spotlights to accent a unique landscape feature, stake lights to indicate a driveway or sidewalk, well lights for a soft glow around a fountain or pool, a flood light for nighttime barbecues on the deck. Every customer has a different vision and a different style, and we can make that vision a reality.

We will find the product that is right for you and get the results you want and need. Whether you want to light one tree, a pathway, or your entire space, we can help with landscape lighting that is energy efficient, will look great, and will add hours of enjoyment to your lawn, pool, or deck.

Call or email Coastal Irrigation and Lighting today for an evaluation and quote. We have the landscape lighting you need, and we’ll provide the customer service and quality fixtures you deserve.


In addition to beautifying your landscape and extending the time you and your family can the outdoors, a well-designed lighting system protects your home from intruders and protects those you care about from accidents and injury.

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